Vacation properties in Sozopol from Delta Trans Commerce

Delta Trans Commerce is a leader in real estate on the Southern Bulgarian Sea coast. We offers you the most profitable properties in Sozopol.

Everyone of us has dreamed of own one of those beautiful properties near the sea. We, at Delta Trans Commerce, offer you properties in Sozopol fully fitted to your needs. With us you can choose between different types of quality properties such as:

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Houses
  • Buildings
  • Plots of land
  • Commercial properties

The properties we offer in Sozopol can be bought or rented. According to your requirements, we will find for you exactly what you need. We offer you an individual approach and professionalism.

Why invest in property in Sozopol?

  • Buying property in Sozopol can provide you with an excellent return of your investment.
  • Having property in Sozopol will provide you with a reliable flow of income.
  • When you own property in Sozopol you will always have somewhere to stay when you are on a family holiday.
  • Compared to other properties, vacation properties hold their value for a fairly long period of time without ups and downs.
  • Your property gives you the opportunity to rent it out seasonally.
  • The benefits of waterfront homes are not limited to the properties themselves. The environment also offers a number of health benefits. In Sozopol you have plenty of opportunities for physical activity-swimming, walking or other water sports.

Why properties in Sozopol?

  • Sozopol is a remarkable place that has preserved its culture. As you walk through the Old city’s beautiful streets, you feel the unique romantic atmosphere.
  • Every year the Apollonia Sozopol Arts Festival attracts many tourists.
  • The city’s beaches offer many sports activities, including jet skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, boating and fishing.
  • The surroundings of the city offer many interesting opportunities for walking, relaxing and having fun. Above Sozopol is Mount Bakrlaka, nearby is the famous Snake Island, and 20 km to the south is the mouth of the Ropotamo River. Its beautiful nature , as well as architectural and historical cultural monuments are exciting for many tourists visiting the area.

More information about the city and its sights can be found on our website –

Why choose property in Sozopol from Delta Trans Commerce?

In addition to selling and renting properties in Sozopol, Delta Trans Commerce also offers you their professional management. Whether you use your property for your own or rent it, we offer you a range of additional services.At Delta Trans Commerce will take care of your property to guarantee your comfort.

Some of our services include:

  • Weekly cleaning
  • Paying bills and taxes
  • Rental management
  • Property inspection in case of bad weather
  • Maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems
  • Insurance

If you buy one of our properties in Sozopol and wish to rent it out in the summer, we can assist you. In addition to maintenance of your property, we can also take care of the accommodation and comfort of your tourists.

More information about our additional services can be read here –

Don’t hesitate to contact us – invest in properties from Delta Trans Commerce.

Trust us, and we will provide everything you need for your comfort and peace of mind.

Book your own place under the Sozopol sun – look for us now!

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